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2010 Texas Monthly - December
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2010 Texas Monthly - December
Publication: Texas Monthly

Date: December 2010

Article: Street Smarts A quickie guide to... Wimberly.

5. Wall Street Western

Dare to blaspheme the gods of good taste in this rockabilly emporium as you shimmy into a pair of tight Brazil-Roxx jeans with studded pockets, a rose-motif jacket by Manuel, and showstopping orange stingray boots with tiger stripes. If Dolly Parton were here, she'd be hip-checking rodeo queens to get dibs on the voluminous crinoline skirts, the vintage silk tops, and Pat Dahnke shaggy red Mongolian lamb boot toppers. Before you buy, check out your newly spangled figure in the $10,000 Swarovski-crystal-encrusted mirror. 14012 Ranch Road 12, 512-847-1818,